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We offer you a wide range of products and investment solutions tailored to suit your Financial needs.

Over the past 10 years, we have been building and investing in market leading businesses in a large number of countries around the globe. We are a private investment firm supporting stable and profitable small and medium-sized investors to further grow and prosper in the global marketplace. We focus on creating transparent, long-term, sustainable value for our investors.

We offer 24/7 support service

We will always be available to support to all investors through livechat, phone and email 24 hours a days. We have trained and dedicated support staff to answer your investment related questions.

Investment Packages

Dulex Bronze

  • 130%
  • After 1 day!
  • 10 USD - 60,000 USD
  • Principal Included.
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Dulex Silver

  • 200%
  • After 3 days!
  • 300 USD - 60,000 USD
  • Principal Included.
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Dulex Gold

  • 350%
  • After 5 days!
  • 500 USD - 90,000 USD
  • Principal Included.
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Safe Deposit And Withdrawal.

Deposit and Withdrawal Every Day Of The Week

A smooth process for depositing and withdrawing your funds is one of the most important features for every Investor.


Achievers Finance is a registered investment company that engage in stock, foreign exchange market, cryptocurrency market and gold trading.

Achievers Finance is a group of highly qualified traders, and managers with an extensive experience in private equity, funds & investment management. We can work with clients before investing to determine their goals and how they would like their investments to be managed.


DDoS is, unfortunately, an increasingly common form of premeditated attack against an organization's web infrastructure. Achievers Finance use a powerful ddos protection provider to ensure site availability at all time.
Once connected to Achievers Finance website using https, you can be sure that you're connecting to the genuine site, that no one is reading our communications and that no one is tampering with them.
You earn instant 5% bonus each time member invest using your affiliate link. You become a Dulex Offshore affiliate once you sign up, you can track affiliate earnings made to you in real-time in your account area.
We monitor your investments on a regular basis, looking for opportunities to add value and making sure you are on track to meet your long-term investment goals. Our investment team is research-oriented and disciplined.